KazMunayGas is the national operator of the oil and gas industry of Kazakhstan

We specialize in providing LNG to remote and rural locations, especially to locations with no other choice of processing and heating.


Aggressive environmental regulations and economic drivers are pushing the marine fuel market towards cleaner and greener fuel alternatives. Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is emerging as the future of marine fueling and already has a stronghold in the European marine market.


Across the globe, industrial applications are expected to become a dominant player in LNG usage. Liquefied natural gas have low carbon footprints and negligible emissions, when compared to other fossil fuels, make it the preferred choice for industrial applications in many parts of the world.

Power Generation

In situations where no pipeline or electrical grid exists, LNG provides clean, low-cost fuel for all continuous power generation requirements. As regulations push for alternatives to diesel fuel, the popularity of LNG as a power source increases. Switching to LNG Reduces fuel costs by 20% - 40%.

KMG produces 444 thousand barrels of oil per day

Refineries and 295 gas stations in Romania

KMG owns two refineries and 295 gas stations in Romania. KMG International refines oil at plants in Romania (Petromidia refinery and Vega refinery). KMGI's share in the retail fuel market in Romania is 16%, where the company owns 295 gas stations and 918 sales points. KMGI is also developing a network of gas stations in other European countries - Bulgaria, Georgia, and Moldova.

To serve as the seminal company providing LNG in ISO tanks on a global scale, we must align ourselves with the best supply chain partners around the world.

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